Summer essentials!

We all know summers aren’t everybody’s favourite.And specially when the temperature raises above 35 degree nobody likes to leave their places.But unwillingly,we have to.And we need to be a little extra precautionous before moving out in the sun.As summers not only brings heat and sweat but it can also damage our skin and cause various health issues.So,before moving out there is a list of items you should carry in your bag-

  1. An umbrella
  2. A scarf 
  3. A cap
  4. Sunscream
  5. Perfume/deodorant 
  6. A Rubber band 
  7. Pair of Shades 
  8. A Lipbalm/lipcolor

Scarf,umbrella and cap not only protects you from heat but it also prevents dehydration.Sunscream protect our skin from taning and other skin problems that can be caused by the UV rays whereas shades protects our eyes from the same.

A major problem we face during summers is sweating.Sweating not only makes us to loose our ease but it also makes us stinky and unpresentable,thus a perume or a deodorant is a must.And finally to look fresh and confident one must carry a lipbalm or a lip colour.

I hope these summer essentials and tips will make you summers more tolerable and easy❤

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