#Go glamorous tip 5:The power of FUSION!

Hola! I hope all of you are really doing well and grabbing all that attention with your kickass fashion😉!So my this blog is about the power of fusion and how you rock with the best of both worlds.🌍

When you are a college student you know how difficult it is to choose your everyday attire.Someday you want to go casual whereas as other day you want to try something ethnic.And this creates a lot of confusion.So,why don’t you go for both?🤔
By adding a pair of jhumkas and a bindi you can add that desi touch to your western attire!And one thing you should keep in mind is,while going for fusion playing with lot of colours is big NO NO! 

Like in my picture I’ve gone for a black @veromodaindia top with a magenta scarf(conbined it with a pair of jeans and flats).I’ve completed my look with a pair of silver jhumkas,a light pink lip colour by @lakmeindia and last but not the least a black bindi to give the final touch.

So,here you go beautiful to steal all the attention with your all new sassy,fusion look.I hope you liked this blog.If yes,give it a thumbsup👍🏻.Or you can give any type of feedback,suggestion and ask any query in the comment section.

Till then keep slaying and go glam!👄✨


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