The ME time!

Hey beauties! How you all are doin? I hope Monday is treating you well.😛

So,coming to the point is that my this blog is going to be something different.This time I won’t be giving those usual fashion tips and makeup tips.In this blog I will talk about the importance of ME time.How it helps as a detox in our everyday lives.

Everyday we are getting busier and busier with our respective works and responsibilities that it becomes impossible to take out that ME time.But who is saying ME time has to be regular,that ME time is a time bounded constraint? 

Come out of the blues,break those boundaries and appreciate yourself.Because ME time is not only defined by talking to yourself when nobody’s there,or being home alone,or just listening songs on that fancy headphone.Its about appreciating yourself.It’s about putting lots of makeup on when feeling down(even if you are in your pajamas and about to sleep),it’s about making a new dish,it’s about dancing like a maniac with the loudest volume and sometimes it’s about going out for a date with yourself.Because in the end if you are happy then you can keep others happy.

Signing off💋

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