Product review!

Yesterday while roaming in the departmental store my eyes captured these beauties.The lip colours were from smashbox cosmetics.As,I never used this brand before so I was a bit unsure about its quality and sustainability.But when I tried them I was really amazed,as they were so luscious yet matte.I kept it overnight and when I woke up it was as it is,didn’t smudged,didn’t lighten! I couldn’t believe my eyes,and with this you can imagine how long lasting it is.Which we mostly expect from a lip colour.While reading all the amazing things about this lip colour you must be wondering it’ll take all your pocket money away but let me break the ice and tell you how exactly it costed me.So,I got these amazing lip colours for just ₹1500 that is  ₹750/-. Isn’t great? and yet light to your pocket? 

So,from my side it’s a must buy product.

The another product I bought yesterday is this utterly cool nail enamel from colorbar.Which is one of my favourite brands.As they offer super amazing and attractive colour range to go for.So,this nail enamel which I bought yesterday is from their matte range.Which not only gave my nails an attractive look but also gave them a classy finish with that matte finish.I bought this super cool nail enamel for ₹250/- which yet another is an amazing deal.


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