Product review-Ritebite Maxprotein

Hola all the beauties out there!Before taking this blog further I would like to ask you that,are you a fitness freak with an ultimate love for food?Is your diet not allowing you to have that piece of chocolate?Then this blog is something you shouldn’t miss!!!

So today when I woke up I found this super large bag filled with lots goodies next to my bed.It was sent to me by Ritebite Maxprotein .They make products for all the people like us,who can’t control their tastebuds and yet wants to loose weight.

This is all they’ve sent me in that utterly cool backpack.I’ll elaborate each and every product one by one.I am going to start with ‘Work out Sugar free bars’-

As you can see they are already a part of my gym bag.Being a gym person I have to be very particular about my diet.But when I came across these workout bars I realised that not only they are good for our tastebuds but are also very nutritious.And there are various reasons to prove it-

  1. They are made under guidance of nutritionists.
  2. They are sugar free.
  3. In every 50g bar there is 10g of protein.
  4. They are filled with vitamins and minerals.
  5. They contain omega 3 and electrolytes.
  6. They comes in different flavours.
  7. They’ll cost you only ₹30/-

After reading all the points meantioned above I know you can’t resist yourself from having them.

So,the next product I would like to mention is the ‘7 grain protein snack’

Being a foodie I want something to eat time to time.And specially when it comes to evening snacks.I crave for something wholesome yet tasty.But due to strick diet plan I was only relied on fruits and salads😷.And then this 7 grain protein snack came to my rescue.The reasons why it is the best evening snack ever-

  1. 3g fibre which equals to 1 cup of oatmeal.
  2. 10g of protein which equals to 1 glass of milk.
  3. 65% less fat.
  4. Comes in different flavours like minty chaat and cheese & jalapeño.
  5. Costs ₹40/-

And the last product in the list is the ‘energy packed protein bars’.

The best thing I like about these bars is, if you are out and can’t find anything healthy to eat then you can completely rely on these protein bars.The reason being-

  1. They are high in protein and fiber.
  2. They have 21 vitamins and minerals.
  3. They have zero added sugar.
  4. They have got electrolytes and omega 3.
  5. Each bar is equal to your breakfast and evening meal.
  6. Costs ₹110/-

So,I would like to conclude this review by saying Ritebite Maxprotein makes the perfect snacks for all the people who are conscious about their diet and weight.The snacks are not only toothsome but are also good for health.From my side it’s something you must try.

Order Ritebite Maxprotein snacks from-

Signing off👄

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