Dressing up for an Indian Wedding!


How you all are doing?As we know wedding season is round the corner and you all must be really busy with choosing the right attire.The right attire not only comes with the perfect outfit or the perfect jewellery,instead it’s an amalgamation of everything.From the right outfit to the right makeup,jewellery and footwear.But most often in order to put everything together,we over do things and end up looking unappealing.That’s why we should keep everything in balance and in right proportion.

For instance Indian weddings are known for its vibrance and a big fat celebrations.And we want to look upto the mark.

The most common and favourite outfit for every girl in an Indian wedding is LEHNGA.It is a whole lot of thing in itself.As it is combined of a blouse which we call a choli,a huge and heavy long skirt which is basically the lehnga and a dupatta.Caring each and every thing meantioned with grace is a big task itself.

I wore this lehnga in a wedding which took place in the beginning of this year.As the colour of my lehnga was too bright and vibrant,I went for lighter jewellery and makeup.

For my jewellery I went ahead with a mang tika(the thing between my hairline),a pair of jhumkas(my earrings) and a hathphool(the thing I am wearing in my wrist and finger).I chose these pieces as they were perfectly going with my outfit and were too minimal yet traditional.Going with too much heavy jewellery can destroy your whole attire.

For my makeup I went ahead with my all time favourite-winged liner,red lip colour,some blush and a bindi.Keeping as minimal and elegant as I could.Makeup is something which determines your overall look.Even if you are wearing a not so attractive outfit but you are carrying an upto the mark makeup then nobody will even notice your outfit.Makeup has the power which can uplift or degrade your look.It’s all about maintaining the balance.

That’s all I had to share with you guys.I hope you liked reading it.Give it a thumps up if yes.Or you can go in the comments section and give any type of feedback and can ask any query.So,this wedding season stand out with your desi look 😉.And do some bhangra till we meet next time.💃🏻

Signing off!(have a great weekend ahead ❤)

51 thoughts on “Dressing up for an Indian Wedding!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog . Love the post and your wedding outfit is wicked beautiful . I so love the outfits that I see the Bollywood stars wear. So elegant and oh so wicked colorful . I will definitely be following your blog just to see the colorful dress . Love it!

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  2. Thank you for such precious information dear… would be happy if you would further share such beautiful things
    Btw u look really cute 😊

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  3. I love the attire for the Indian Weddings. Even, Indian movies (Bollywood) are my best movies because of the story line, the costumes, the music, and the beauty of everything. Well done!

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  4. Nice post. Though I feel if I could get to see more relevant pictures. But otherwise it was great. I have something similar to this post. If you can check that out for me. It’ll be an honour. Thankyou❤

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