Healthy yet sinful eating!(Product review-Poshtick)

‘You are what you eat’

   -Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 

All of us have heard this term quite a many times.But how many times we actually think about it?? 

Nobody on this earth wants to look bad,fat or unhealthy.Everyboday wants a fit,active and a great lifestyle.And the best way to do it is developing a healthy eating lifestyle.But most often when we hear this word ‘healthy food’ we assume it to be unappetizing.But it’s not true.There are various of companies and people who are working everyday to make the best,sinful yet healthy food for you.And one of them is Poshtick.They makes a curated box of healthy and heavenly tasty snacks  called ‘THE FINGE BOX’. It is a  subscription box.With whole lot of snacks to drool over.Last week they’ve sent me one of their box for trial.And here is its complete review-

The box contained-

  • Onion & garlic crackers(with a salsa)
  • Fruitilicious forest
  • Crackled(whote wheat and nuts)
  • Achari oaties
  • Almond mocha bar
  • Tea treasure 
  • And two…?(you have to wait for that๐Ÿ˜‰)

Onion & garlic crackers

Made with the goodness of whole wheat flour,Onion and garlic these crackers with leave you craving for more.It is something my personal favourite product from the box๐Ÿ™ˆ(sorry for being biased) but it completely justifies its name.With the very first bite you can sense it.

Fruitilicious forest and crackled(whole wheat & nuts)

Beginning with fruitilicious forest(the one on right) makes the perfect early morning snack.Made with wild berries,blackcurrants,cherries,pumpkin seeds and melon seeds.It is very beneficial when you are loosing weight.The ingredients involved in this product helps in making your immune system stronger.

The next is Crackled whole wheat and nuts(the one on left).Made with roasted  wheat and nuts with a pinch of exotic spices.This product will make you replace  the  bhujiyas you used to have.The best part about this product is you can have it anytime.As it’s very light to consume.

Achari Oaties

Ever heard of a cookie made out of kasoori methi(fenugreek leaves) and oats? Never right! But here comes Poshtick with yet another out of box concept called The Achari Oaties.These cookies are not only healthy and wholesome but they also gives a taste which you will never forget.

Almond mocha bar

This product is  specially for those chocolate lovers who can’t grab those calorie filled bars because of following a strict diet.This bar is completely nutritious and made with almonds,cocoa,oats,coffee powder and all bran.It has soluble fibres,anti oxidants ang low GI.So,now you don’t have to think twice before treating your tastebuds with an amazingly tasting chocolate bar.

Tea treasure

This tea is a delicious blend of chamomile and lavender it has everything you need to drift off into dreamland and stay there all night long.The best part about this tea is it has ZERO caffeine.So, you can indulge into its goodness carefree.


What are these? For that you have you wait.And keep your eyes on Poshtick‘s website.As these are soon to be release Poshtick‘s products.

Loved the review and thinking where you can find and order the products? So here’s the direct link to Poshtick’s website-

(Please leave any feedback or query in the comments section)

Signing off!โค

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  1. It looks great and I bet it tastes delicious! Your blog is like a treasure, I’m grateful for discovering it and I want to thank you for sharing your ideas. And thank you so much for following my blog, I’m honored!

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