Celebrating 2 months of blogging with Word Fumble✨👯

Wordfumble -It has been established as an initiative that works towards the encouragement of Mental Wellness and acceptance of emotional expression.

I would like to start this article by thanking all of you who viewed,liked,and appreciated my writing.To be honest I had never imagined that I’ll come this far.May be 2 months is a very small span for anyone but for me its 61 days,1440 hours,86400 minutes and countless emotions.I am not a regular person,I get bored,tired and let down easily.But here, it was something different.And I have to give all the credits to you guys who appreciated,motivated and encouraged me.I can’t express in words that how much it means to me.Specially when I was going through a tough phase in life.And had left all hopes to come back.As,evervsince I’ve joined college,I’d lost all my interests.Even my academic performance was degrading.And that was something I never expected of.

During my this year’s summer vacations I thought of giving my blog a restart( I used to write earlier on a different platform but due to lack of enthusiasm and encouragement I gave it an end).So,one fine day I was checking my mail(which i had made for my blog) and I found a mail from the community architect of Roposo(It’s a social media platform specially made for all the fashion enthusiasts) stating-

It was something I’ve never imagined of.I mean being a girl who has lost all her interests and participation in any kind of activity and then receiving this kind of a mail was something astonishing.  This not only gave me a boost but also gave a new beginning to my life.Since then I restarted blogging and there was no looking back.I mean getting 1100+ views,230 followers from 49 countries and being nominated for 3 awards in just 2 months is unbelievable for me.And that’s why I thought of celebrating this beautiful journey with you guys.

And what could be a better option than music to start off the celebration? 

Because Music makes you remember,                                    Music makes you forget.          Music reaches out to the soul!

And therefore,in association with Word Fumble I am celebrating this beautiful journey of mine.As their products are thoughtfully designed to inspire, motivate, and most importantly are reminders of your strength for your daily grind.

Their products not only motivates you but they are an ultimate pieces of sheer beauty and grace.They goes perfectly with your every attire.

Thank you so much Word Fumble for sending across these beautifully crafted products and taking my celebration to an another level.I fell in love with your products with the very first sight.

​And yes before ending this post I would again like to thank all my WordPress and instagram family members for showering so much of love.Really I am blessed.Love you guys soo much.

P.S.-You can too grab those pieces of beauty from Word Fumble.And here’s the direct link for it-http://wordfumble.com/9649-necklaces

Signing off!❤

48 thoughts on “Celebrating 2 months of blogging with Word Fumble✨👯

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  1. a really good read. Well done!! I like the style of your blog. I have also recently started blogging. Maybe a few words of advice for a new blogger? Thanks in advance and a really well-done piece 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for such kind words.It really means a lot.And as you are a newbie,you should interact with fellow bloggers.Post in community pools and other places like insta.To make people aware of your blog:)

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