7 International perfumes in one box ft.Perfumebooth


How you guys are doing?I hope weekend is treating you right.First of all I would like to apologise for not being active since couple of days,as my college got started and I was caught up with that.But to cover that I am up with a really amazing deal.

So,few days back I received this product from Perfumebooth.When I unwrapped it I was really amazed as it contained 7 INTERNATIONAL PERFUMES 4ml each,a perfume selfie case and one…..***!!! Want to know what was the third item I received in the box? For that you have wait.As I will disclose it in the end of the article and I am sure that it’s gonna blow your mind!!!!So let’s start with a detailed review of all the perfumes-


Viveka by Maryāj-It is tantalizing and charming with a sparkling personality that makes you feel young and light hearted.

Ingredients-Neroli|Bitter Orang|Rasberry|Orange flower Absolute|Jasmine Absolute|Patchouli|Honey|Amber


Gold by Louis Cardin is a warm touch of orange and spices like vanilla,saffron and cloves will attract your senses with the very first spritz of this fragrance.

Ingredients- Lime|Lemon|Orenge|Pineapple|Rose|Jasmine|Lavander|Artemisia|Iris sandalwood|Patchouly|White Musk|Vanilla.


Lady Presidente by Emper-Be the embodiment of power with an energetic mix of floral and fruity notes.Seize the day confidently with this bold,daring fragrance.

Ingredients-Coconut|Musk and sandalwood Lotus|Water Lily|Raspberry|Mango|Nectarine|Blood Orange 


Sensual by Lomani Paris-Notes of ylang-ylang,vanilla and musk make this a great choice for those you like to be noticed.Its enveloping scent is sensual and extremely feminine.


Chiffon by Emper-Looking to brighten a dull,summer day?Spritz on this fresh fragnance and add a spring in your step.

Ingredients-Vanilla|White Musk|Jasmine|Rose|Orris|Sandalwood|Mandarin Orange|Bergamot


True reflection by chris Adams-A deep aroma of blackcurrent and pomegranate,with the romance of rose and curiosity of lemon,this fragnance is almost meditative.

Ingredients-Lemon|Red Current|Blackcurrent|Raspberry|Rose Petals|Pomegranate|Violet|Cedarwood|Musk


Creation Pour Femme by Creation-This gourmand fruity floral fragrance is a cross between softness,magic and sensuality-a modern loveelixir locked in glamorous pink hued bottle.

Ingredients-Litchi|Golden Quince|Kiwi|Jasmine|White chocolate|Orris root|Musk|woods

So,guys you are getting 7 international perfumes,1 perfume selfie case and ( I am disclosing the third item here) a gift voucher of 501₹!!!! Isn’t mind blowing??? If you think it is then let me tell you one more super crazy thing.So Perfumebooth is offering all this(7 international perfumes,1 perfume selfie case,and a gift voucher of 501₹) just for 475₹.

Guys to be honest I don’t think that you can grab a better deal than this.So what are you waiting for?Order these amazing fragrances at-https://www.perfumebooth.com/

And yes,one more thing Perfumebooth has 6 categories for perfumebooth selfies.3 for men and 3 for women containing 7 different perfume sticks in every selfie box.So,that you can order according to your taste and preference.And I am ending this blog here.Goodbye! Have a great weekend ahead ❤

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