Product Review ft. Epigamia greek yogurt


How you guys are doing?

Okay! So,before going any further I would like to ask you guys that how many of you here fancies greek yogurt??Because this blog is all about it and even if you don’t fancy it much you should give it a read as there are manyyy chances that it can change your opinion as it changed mine.

Inspired by the peace treaty between ancient greek and the Indian civilisation,Epigamia wanted to unite health and taste in a harmonious blend.And hence Epigamia greek yogurt came into existence.

Epigamia greek yogurt is the solution to your anytime and any type of hunger.Keeping your health their very first priority this little creamy cup is curated with high proteins and little fat.

To give you a more clear view here are some reasons why this little cup of goodness is all you need-

  1. It is made from purest cow’s milk.

  2. It is great for weight loss and muscle gain.

  3. It is 100% vegetarian with all milk protein.

  4. It is low in fat and carbs.

  5. It’s a great source of calcium.

  6. The probiotics in Epigamia helps digestion and lower bad cholesterol.

And the best part? It’s finger licking good.Trust me,with the very first bite you’ll indulge into it’s heavenly taste & creamy texture and crave for more.

I received four of their yogurts-



3.Mango with chunky granola

4.Strawberry with chunky granola

As mango is my favourite fruit ,I thought that I might get biased towards it like every time but to my surprise all the four flavours were equally sinful and left me drooling for more.Epigamia greek yogurt not only impressed me with its taste and health benefits but it also changed my views towards greek yogurt.

So what are you waitin for? Go and order yours at-

You can find me on Instagram at-Glamitupwithtc

Signing off:)

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