Say no to hangovers ft. Liveitup

Hello everyone!

How you all are doing? Still in a hangover of last night’s party? Couldn’t make it to an important meeting because of those extra shots you had last night? Then here I am with a solution which will protect you from hangovers like a shield called Liveitup!

It’s a unique Ayurvedic formulation that reduces acetaldehyde(a toxic by product of alcohol and tabacco consumption) sercretion into the blood.This reduces the ‘hangover’(nausea,vomiting and headache) in short term and protects the liver lining from cirrhosis in the longer term.So what are you guys waiting for? Go ahead – pop one and Liveitup

P.S.-The best part about it is that it’s Aryurvedic and thus you don’t have to think twice before consuming it.

Dosage:1-2 capsules before your first drink.

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