Celebrating 2 months of blogging with Word Fumble✨👯

Wordfumble -It has been established as an initiative that works towards the encouragement of Mental Wellness and acceptance of emotional expression. I would like to start this article by thanking all of you who viewed,liked,and appreciated my writing.To be honest I had never imagined that I'll come this far.May be 2 months is a very... Continue Reading →


Holaaa!  First of all thankyou soooo much all of you for loving and appreciating my blog.It really means a lot to me.Whenever you guys like or comment on my blog I feel honoured and loved. So,yesterday I've been nominated for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER Award by The dark side inside me.He's a great and a prominent... Continue Reading →

Dressing up for an Indian Wedding!

Holaaaa! How you all are doing?As we know wedding season is round the corner and you all must be really busy with choosing the right attire.The right attire not only comes with the perfect outfit or the perfect jewellery,instead it's an amalgamation of everything.From the right outfit to the right makeup,jewellery and footwear.But most often... Continue Reading →

My Island Kiss-Product review 

When it comes to our skin we have to be very careful and wise while choosing the right product.As we all have different skin type with different requirements.And we have to look upto all those requirements before choosing any product. So,recently I received these utterly cool lip moisturiser and stains from My Island Kiss.They are... Continue Reading →

Product review-Ritebite Maxprotein

Hola all the beauties out there!Before taking this blog further I would like to ask you that,are you a fitness freak with an ultimate love for food?Is your diet not allowing you to have that piece of chocolate?Then this blog is something you shouldn't miss!!! So today when I woke up I found this super... Continue Reading →

Product review!

Yesterday while roaming in the departmental store my eyes captured these beauties.The lip colours were from smashbox cosmetics.As,I never used this brand before so I was a bit unsure about its quality and sustainability.But when I tried them I was really amazed,as they were so luscious yet matte.I kept it overnight and when I woke... Continue Reading →

The ME time!

Hey beauties! How you all are doin? I hope Monday is treating you well.😛 So,coming to the point is that my this blog is going to be something different.This time I won't be giving those usual fashion tips and makeup tips.In this blog I will talk about the importance of ME time.How it helps as... Continue Reading →

My makeup essentials!

Hola! All the beautiful ladies present out there.I hope you must be having a great weekend.So,my this blog is about my makeup essentials.Which contains the beauty products I wear for my everyday look. Being a college going student I try to avoid wearing alot of makeup everyday.I keep it as minimal as possible. So, I... Continue Reading →

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