A product that fights back against all skin issues!

As we all know, that getting a baby soft skin is every woman's dream.But due to increasing pollution,unhealthy eating habits and unforeseen climatic changes it is getting rougher,darker & drier.And to get that tinder skin back we spend thousands on skin care and beauty products.But mostly we don't get the desired results, and change products... Continue Reading →


Product review-Ritebite Maxprotein

Hola all the beauties out there!Before taking this blog further I would like to ask you that,are you a fitness freak with an ultimate love for food?Is your diet not allowing you to have that piece of chocolate?Then this blog is something you shouldn't miss!!! So today when I woke up I found this super... Continue Reading →

Product review!

Yesterday while roaming in the departmental store my eyes captured these beauties.The lip colours were from smashbox cosmetics.As,I never used this brand before so I was a bit unsure about its quality and sustainability.But when I tried them I was really amazed,as they were so luscious yet matte.I kept it overnight and when I woke... Continue Reading →

The ME time!

Hey beauties! How you all are doin? I hope Monday is treating you well.πŸ˜› So,coming to the point is that my this blog is going to be something different.This time I won't be giving those usual fashion tips and makeup tips.In this blog I will talk about the importance of ME time.How it helps as... Continue Reading →

My makeup essentials!

Hola! All the beautiful ladies present out there.I hope you must be having a great weekend.So,my this blog is about my makeup essentials.Which contains the beauty products I wear for my everyday look. Being a college going student I try to avoid wearing alot of makeup everyday.I keep it as minimal as possible. So, I... Continue Reading →

#Go glamorous tip 5:The power of FUSION!

Hola! I hope all of you are really doing well and grabbing all that attention with your kickass fashionπŸ˜‰!So my this blog is about the power of fusion and how you rock with the best of both worlds.🌍 When you are a college student you know how difficult it is to choose your everyday attire.Someday... Continue Reading →

Summer essentials!

We all know summers aren't everybody's favourite.And specially when the temperature raises above 35 degree nobody likes to leave their places.But unwillingly,we have to.And we need to be a little extra precautionous before moving out in the sun.As summers not only brings heat and sweat but it can also damage our skin and cause various... Continue Reading →

Go FORMAL yet sassy!

This party season go FORMAL yet SASSY!!To a add pinch of sassyness to your formal attire go for a brighter shade of lip colour,like shades of red and hot pink.And to add that final spark go for a fancy earring like an earcluff and a hand accesory,keeping it as mininmal as possible.And here are you,ready... Continue Reading →

Beat the heat look!🌞

#Goglamoroustip3Shirt dresses not only makes a perfect summer outfit but they are also very comfortable and easy to carry.Combine them with a pair of white sneakers and you are ready to beat the heat πŸŒžπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘š #denimshirt#denimdress#beattheheat#summerlook#denimlove#fashionblogger#fashiontips#goglamorous#gobeaitiful#soroposo #summeroutfit

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