My Island Kiss-Product review 

When it comes to our skin we have to be very careful and wise while choosing the right product.As we all have different skin type with different requirements.And we have to look upto all those requirements before choosing any product.

So,recently I received these utterly cool lip moisturiser and stains from My Island Kiss.They are not only cool from outside but also from  inside.As,they are completely organic and infatuated with fun, organic freshness and natural self-indulgence. They make organic lip care products that are 100% natural, 100% sassy and have absolutely no nasties!
I’ve received three of their lip care products i.e. 

  1. Puerto berry blush
  2. Black rose & grenade rounge
  3. Alma vanilla & inges lavender

They not only gives my lips a sassy look but also makes them tinder and fresh.They are very mild and comfortable on skin,plus the fragrance they give is something to drool over!They also got a whole lot of SPF and keeps your lips perked- perfect.

My personal favourite out of the lot is Black rose & grenade rouge.As,I have a darker tone of lips I have to be very precise about the lip stains I use.But this is something I can wear without thinking twice.It goes very well with all my favourite outfits and gives me a fresh and a classy look.It is something I will always keep in my makeup kit.


The next is Pureto berry blush.It is something you can go for with your everyday look.You can wear it while going for gym,shopping,college,or even staying at home.


The last but not the least i.e. Alma vanilla & inges lavender works as the perfect lip moisturiser as it Softens, soothens, nourishes & brings back the moisture back.


So,what are you waiting for?Go and grab yours at-

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